Zambia Association of Public Universities and Colleges (ZAPUC) is a body corporate representing the interest of public universities and colleges in Zambia. ZAPUC was formed in 2013.

The association is committed to quality service delivery to students, government and other stakeholders through mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.

The association aims to ensure that institutions follow ethical professional standards in the execution of their mandate, finding creative, innovative and modern ways of addressing the higher education challenges of accessibility, affordability (funding) and accountability. This aim shall be achieved through various concerted efforts from all member institutions. Some of the major activities to realize this aim, with the aid of ICTs, include undertaking short intensive training programmes, workshops and conferences aimed at sharing resources, new ideas, innovations, research outputs, challenges and alternative solutions. This will help the Public Universities and colleges to transform themselves in many ways in order to become more relevant, efficient and cost effective.

2023 Administrative Training Workshop


The proposition to form the Zambia Association of Public Universities and Colleges (ZAPUC) was derived from the first Vice Chancellors meeting held on 23rd July, 2013 at Mulungushi University. This meeting was convened to explore ways of collaborations and partnerships that would among other issues, address the challenges of insufficient academic staff and brain drain and integrate quality control in Higher Education. ZAPUC was officially launched on 14th November 2013 by Deputy Minister of Higher Education, at the Government Complex in Lusaka.

The Purpose of ZAPUC

Drawing on the importance of partnership generally to society and particularly to the government, the primary purpose of ZAPUC is to promote mutually beneficial collaborations among Public Universities and Colleges.  It provides a platform to inform policy, provide appropriate education and to brainstorm on how further affiliations among public institutions can be enhanced.

The Aim of ZAPUC

The aim is to promote best practices and develop initiatives that would address the challenge of funding public universities and colleges in Zambia. Basically, ZAPUC would ensure that Universities and Colleges jointly make a more profound contribution to Zambia’s economic development and growth.

Objective of ZAPUC

The main object of ZAPUC is to promote high academic standards, foster the collaboration and synergies among member institutions in higher education.

Inaugural Administrative Staff Training Workshop

ZAPUC has been providing training workshops and conferences mainly for Academic staff from universities and colleges. At one of its meetings last year, 2022, it was resolved to begin holding training workshops for support administrative staff in 2023.

This Administrative Staff Training Workshop is the inaugural one and will cover relevant topics that will enhance the staff performance and provide basic knowledge on critical operational areas. This training workshop will be held under the theme: “Managing Universities and Colleges as Business”.

Objectives of the Administrative Staff Training Workshop

  • To understand strategic planning, turnaround strategies and change management
  • To expose participants to effective human resources management and challenges
  • To provide basic accounting knowledge to non-accounting staff
  • To learn best practices in customer service

Main Topics of the Administrative Staff Training Workshop

  • The Paradigm Shift in Managing Universities and Colleges as Business
  • Effective Management of Human Resource: Organogram, Recruitments and Placements
  • Accounting for Non-financial Officers
  • Customer Service: Best Practices

Workshop Delivery Modalities

The Training Workshop will involve presentations and practical sessions on main and sub-topics. Presentation materials will be shared with participants. The workshop is expected to last for three (3) days.

Workshop Participation Fees

Participation fees are as follows:

  • Participants from member universities and colleges = K2,000.00
  • Participants from non-member universities and colleges = K2,500.00

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You can pay for the workshop using the following Bank Details:


Account number: 9130000373528

Account Name: Zambia Association of Public Universities and Colleges

Account Type: Cheque

Branch: Kabwe





Board Chairperson


Prof. Annie Sikwibele

Prof. Sikwibele is the Vice Chancellor of University of Zambia and the current Chairperson for ZAPUC.
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